System bet

What is a System bet?

System bets are a highly developed version of accumulator bets. The point of system bets is to place several tips when placing one bet. Using the 2 out of 3 (2/3) system bet is the easiest way to explain.

You choose games and bet on wins for Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea with the two-out-of-three system bet. So you play out all the possible pairs of accumulators the three teams can produce. That’s a total of 3 combi pairs using the 2 out of three system bets:
Bet 1: Win Liverpool (1,50), Win Arsenal (1,80)

Bet 2: Win Liverpool (1,50), Win Chelsea (2,00)

Bet 3: Win Arsenal (1,80), Win Chelsea (2,00)
In this case total stakes of 15 EUROS are equivalent to 3 pairs of accumulators at 5 EUROS per bet.

The big day produces the following results: Arsenal and Chelsea win, Liverpool draw. The result of your bets:

Bet 1: lost (Liverpool incorrect)
Bet 2: lost (Liverpool incorrect)
Bet 3: won!

A correct Tip 3 means 5 x 1.80 (Arsenal odds) x 2.00 (Chelsea odds) EURO = 18 EURO to be paid into your betting account – net winnings of 3 EUROS, although you had 2 incorrect tips. The more outcomes you bet on in the system bets, the more betting possibilities are generated. A system bet 3 out of 4 means you bet on all the possible three way accumulators produced by 4 teams – thus 4 bets. The system bet 2 out of 4 means you bet on all the possible two way accumulators produced by the four teams – thus a total of six bets.

See the number of bets per system bet in the following Table for System Bets:

Your stakes are total stakes distributed amongst the respective system bets, divided by the number of bets. Thus, total stakes of 30 EUROS in a 2 out of 4 (= 6 bets) system bet mean that you place six two way accumulators with stakes of 5 EUROS per bet. You can determine your stakes for system bets on the betting slip and also the stakes per bet.

Possible winning: 520,16
By clicking on “Place Betting Ticket”, you can complete your bet after a detailed overview and another confirmation.