Sports betting – Single bet

What is a Single bet?

This is the simplest form of betting. All you have to do is to predict the correct result (1, X or 2) to win the bet.

For example:
You bet €100, – on Liverpool at odds of 2.00. If Liverpool win the game a total pay-out of €100, x 2.00 = €200, will be credited to your betting account. In this example, we have chosen four different tips from the Football´s European Champions League!

The different tips are displayed at “Single Bet” on the betting slip. To the right of the different game pairs, the tip chosen before is displayed (1 for the home team, X for draw, 2 for away win)
Right next to the bet the respective odds are displayed with which your stake is multiplied. The higher the odds are, the higher your winnings!
In our picture, you can for example see the pair Manchester United – Inter Milan where an X = draw was chosen with odds of 3.30!
If you want to finally make this tip, just enter the amount you want to wager in the white box next to the odds 3,30. (Please note that the currency is the same as the account currency registered by you and does not have to be entered separately). Suppose we enter “10”, the betting slip automatically calculates how many bets you are about to place, the stake and the resulting winning!