Multiple-way bet

Multiple-way bet

What is a Multiple way bet?

A multi-choice bet means you’re submitting several tips for one match. For example:

Multi-choice single bet:
Win Schalke (odds 2.00) and draw Schalke (draw 3.10). In contrast to the double chance bet, two single bets are placed.

Multi-choice combination bet:
In a multi-choice combination bet, normal single bets can be combined with multi-choice single bets. An example of simple multi-choice combination bet is the one with a two-way combination. For example:

You bet on:
Win Bayern (odds 1.50)
Win Dortmund (odds 1.80)
Win Schalke (odds 2.00) and draw Schalke (odds 3.10)

So you place a two way bet on the Schalke game. Your bets are:

Tip 1:Tip 2:
Win BayernWin Bayern
Win DortmundWin Dortmund
Win Schalkeand Draw Schalke

In this example total stakes of 10 Euros produce two three-way combination bets, each with a stake of 5 Euros.

Placing a Multi-Way Bet

In order to explain the multi-way bet, we have chosen 5 tips from the Soccer Champions League!
We have chosen 2 tips each for the matches “Roma – Arsenal” and “Liverpool – Real Madrid”.

Victory Roma
Draw Roma – Arsenal
Victory Real Madrid
Draw Liverpool – Real Madrid

You can see immediately, that it is not possible to place a combination bet as a “one-way” and that the notification “With the currently chosen bets, no combination bet is possible” is displayed.

With one click on “multi-way” on the top right, you get an overview of what the multi-way bet consists of and the possible multi-way system bets are displayed.

In our example, we have the possibility of placing 2x combination from 5 bets, amounting to 8 combination bets.

Or we place all the possible 3x combination which would result in 4 combination bets.

Here, you can see the 3 out of 5 (with 2 multi-way bets) and how the combinations come about:

1st combination 2nd combination 3rd combination 4th combination
Victory Barcelona Victory Barcelona Victory Barcelona Victory Barcelona
Draw Real Madrid Victory Real Madrid Victory Real Madrid Draw Real Madrid
Victory Roma Victory Roma Draw Roma Draw Roma