What is a combination bet?

The combination bet gives you the chance of placing one stake on up to 20 matches. Every prediction must be correct in order to win the combination bet. If any selection in a combo bet loses, the entire combo bet will be considered a loss. Sports Book Operators will multiply the stake with the odds of each selection in a combo bet for the total pay-out.

For example:
You bet €100, – on Liverpool (2.00), Newcastle (1.6), Arsenal (1.50), ManU (1.80) and Chelsea (1.30). If all your selections win, a total amount of €100, – x 2.0 x 1.6 x 1.5 x 1.8 x 1.3 = €1.1123,20 will be credited to your betting account.

Placing a combination bet

In this example, we have chosen four different bets from the Soccer Champions League!

The different tips are displayed at “Single Bet” on the betting slip. Right of the single game pairs you see the tips chosen before and the respective odds. If you would like more information, please read the “Single Bets”.
In the chosen example, the total odds of our tips would be 28,07! The odds are multiplied with the desired stake and you see the possible winning.

In order to place a combination bet, you simply enter the desired amount into the white box in the area “Combination Bet”. (Please note that the currency refers to the account currency registered by you and does not have to be entered separately). Suppose we enter “10”, the betting slip automatically calculates how many bets you are about to place, the stake and the resulting winning!

In the described example, the following would be displayed.
Number of bets: 1
Stake: 10,00
Possible winning:  280,67

We could also include a single bet from the four chosen bets. For example, we could include the single bet Manchester United – Inter Milan X = draw with odds of 3,30 and wager another “10”! The betting slip would calculate anew and display the following:
Number of bets: 2
Stake: 20,00
Possible winning:  313,67

That means that if we clicked „place betting ticket “, we would place a combination bet from all four chosen bets and another single bet on Manchester United – Inter Milan draw with only a few clicks.