The online gaming world is loaded with misconceptions that players have to spend tons of cash to win big – but thanks to free joining spins and incentives, that’s not always the case. In fact, a UK resident recently put this myth to rest – landing a £1,200 win after depositing absolutely nothing on an online casino website. The 32-year-old player, Audrey, from Southampton, revealed what many clever players already know: with some luck and no cash, magic can still occur.

On the afternoon of Saturday 12 March, Audrey decided to entertain herself by playing her favourite online casino. After logging in, she discovered that she was being offered 5 free spins to use on the site’s most popular slot. She began to land winning after winning, all on a free spins, soon converting her winnings into cash. Using her earnings, she spun again – and suddenly found herself £1,200 richer.

Online casinos sometimes hand out free spins in an effort to attract new players to their sites. Bonus,bet features 50+ premium casino brands that offer such free spins – no deposit offers for new players. In most vases it is a matter of filling out a subscription form and the chance of hitting the jackpot for free is yours.

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