Online gaming, the hands of the mafia on the betting market: 68 arrests between Reggio Calabria, Catania and Bari

Online gaming, the hands of the mafia on the betting market: 68 arrests between Reggio Calabria, Catania and Bari

Three investigations, three powers of attorney (Reggio Calabria, Bari and Catania) coordinated by the Dna: important exponents of organized crime have ended up in prison but also several entrepreneurs who were in fact the figureheads of the clans. Surveys, conducted also by the Scico di Roma, showed a turnover of over 4.5 billion euro. The suspect on the phone: “I look for new followers in the best universities in the world, not four idiots who make bam, bam”

They needed “those who click, that move” money making them transit from one country to another without leaving a trace of online transactions, not those that make “bam bam” , that is, those who shoot. And so they had bet everything on the online game , taking possession – according to the National AntiMafia Directorate – of the betting market. All together: clan of the ‘ndrangheta , Sicilian and Apulian mafia families who then went abroad to recycle the money .

Over 60 arrests in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily – Sixty eight arrests (13 in Catania, 22 in Bari: these are members linked to the historical families of organized crime) and about eighty searches were performed tonight by the finance guard, from Dia , by the police and the carabinieri. Three investigations, three prosecutors ( Reggio Calabria , Bari and Catania ) and hundreds of men involved in the blitz coordinated by the DNA and the prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho . In essence, the mafias have divided up and control the market of illegal collection of online bets.

4.5 billion euro turnover – In addition to the precautionary custody order issued by the Bari prosecutor and the two detention orders carried out by the DDAs of Reggio Calabria and Catania, there was a seizure of assets in Italy and abroad for over one billion euros . The volume of bets related to sporting events , and not only that, was much larger. In fact, surveys conducted by the Scico di Roma have revealed a turnover of over 4.5 billion euros .

Entrepreneurs and nominees – In the prison, important exponents of organized crime in Puglia, Reggio Emilia and Catania have ended up. But also several entrepreneurs who, according to the reconstruction of the investigators, were in fact the figureheads of the clans. The three prosecutors contest the offenses of mafia association , fraudulent transfer of values, money laundering , self- laundering , illegal collection of online bets and fraudulent removal of taxes from the relative earnings. In Calabria, Sicily and Puglia the system is almost the same: following the path of the money used to bet on the internet , the finance guard managed to reconstruct how the criminal groups involved in the investigation were divided and controlled, with mafia, the online clandestine betting market.

The seizures from Malta to Curacao – all using different platforms managed by the same organizations. The money, illegally accumulated, was then reinvested in real estate assets and financial positions abroad in the name of persons, foundations and companies, all obviously shielded thanks to the complicity of various nominees. The collaboration of Eurojust and the judicial authorities of Austria , Switzerland, the United Kingdom , the Isle of Man, the Netherlands , Curacao, Serbia , Albania, Spain and Malta was fundamental in tracing the accumulated assets and carrying out the seizures.

The young “teganini” levers – During a press conference to be held this morning in Rome, at the headquarters of the DNA, will be illustrated the details of the three operations that, as regards the ‘ndrangheta, were coordinated by the attorney Giovanni Bombardieri and from the substitutes of the DDA Stefano Musolino and Sara Amerio . The detention order also involved the young “levers” of the gangs. In particular, some of the “teganini” , the sons of the Tegano bosses who, together with De Stefano and Condello , have made the criminal history of the city of the Strait, have ended up in the detention order .

The role of the “teganini” – Among the recipients of the detention provision is Domenico Tegano , known as “Mico”, son of the boss Ergastolano Don Pasquale. The latter after years of inaction had been captured in 2004 and, since then, is held in 41 bis in the prison of Spoleto because it was considered by the investigators as a “vertical element of the gang”. Mico Tegano is his eldest son and, according to the investigators, he has an “out of the ordinary” charisma . Until yesterday they were known in the city for having terrorized the nightlife of Reggio with fights, extortion, sale of cocaine and almost military control of the beaches on the seafront of Reggio. In addition to traditional criminal activities, however, the scion took care of betting and for years he has also traveled abroad. The collaborator Mariolino Gennaro also spoke about Mico Tegano who, before repenting, was the man from the gang who, from Malta, managed the business linked to online betting.

The exuberance of the “baby boss” – The repentant told the musolino of Mico Tegano when he placed a bomb in one of its arcades just because he had refused to give money to the son of the boss while he grew up at the head of a ” a gang of 40 people all belonging to the area of ​​Archi “. The Teganini fact that, in the last period, have created quite a few problems in Reggio Calabria. A couple of years ago they came to attack two policemen who intervened to quell a fight. Precisely because of the exuberance of the baby bosses , with the other cosche there were frictions that, at certain moments, were about to degenerate. Taking advantage of the fact that the mammasantissima are all, or almost, in jail, the “teganini” were trying to re-discuss the agreements on extortion and there was no lack of intimidation and damage even to historical exponents of ‘ndrangheta reggina .

The 2015 survey and the “adepts” – Today’s operation therefore starts from the “Gambling” investigation that in 2015 led to the arrest of Mario Gennaro . His statements to the magistrates had confirmed the suspicions of the DDA of Reggio Calabria on the involvement of the ‘ndrangheta in the betting industry. Already in the interceptions of the time the suspects spoke of “pennette” and “percentages in betting” . The collaboration of the repentant Gennaro, who from the pm Sara Amerio in an interrogation has been called “the living representation of the ‘unitary ndrangheta” , proved to be fundamental to find what the prosecutor Stefano Musolino and the finance police had already discovered in those years and which can be summarized in a finished interception of the investigation. A conversation between suspects in which one of them explains the new frontier of the gangs: “I look for new adepts in the best universities in the world and you still go in search of four idiots in the road that go to do so .. Bam, bam! ! . I look for those who do this instead: Pin, pin !! They click! Those click and move … It’s all a matter of index, understood? “.