Dutch Land based casino licenses no longer limitlessly valid

Dutch Land based casino licenses no longer limitlessly valid

The Dutch government is busy trying to legalize the online gambling market, but it seems it’s hitting hard on the land based casino’s and gambling outlets.

The countries capitol Amsterdam is giving out new land based casino licenses with a short term validation time. In fact there will be a validation for only three years where beforehand this period was for several yes more.

The reason for giving out new licenses is that so called new comers in the Dutch market must have a chance to start business. The mayor declared that it is time to give more gambling outlets a chance to participate in the licensing process.

Law to protect players

In the past there were investigations going on to see if there was a connection between gambling halls and casino’s and local criminal organizations. The Dutch government is legislating a law called Krux where players in the outlets need to be registered.

These registrations will give an insight in the layers conduct and play profile, so addiction can be recognized as well as other issues that may occur. Not everyone is happy with the new plans, and the already established brands are protesting against the new licensing system.