Learn the Top 10 Gambling Secrets

Learn the Top 10 Gambling Secrets

10 Secrets Gambling Casino Games:

When it comes to gambling casino games, theoretically when you play online games you lose 20% of the money you are circling, but as we all know in practice you lose even more. Would you like to change that fact? Do you know that there is a way to twist the rules and the odds? Read more to learn about the Top 10 Gambling Secrets.

You have probably heard about the legendary gambler Don Johnson who beat the house and won over $15 million at only 3 casinos in Atlantic City.  This is the man that understands When asked how he did it, he simply replied that he had a good plan. So, let`s go through some of the strategies that winning gamblers know and use to their advantage

1. Gambling Casino Games: Learn How to Win at Roulette

You probably did not know this, but you can get your chances to win at Roulette as high as 93%. Since the beginning of Roulette, there have been people who have tried to come up with a method to turn the odds in their favour. Some of the most known Roulette systems are Martingale, Paroli, and Fibonacci Roulette System.

2. New Slots Pay More

Only a novice will tell you that new slots are built to pay less. In contrary to popular belief, new slots actually pay out much better than the classic games. The reason being that software providers invest so much time and energy to come up with new and innovative games and the moment that the game is released they want you to try it. A definite way to keep you coming back for more is if you win while you play.


3. Gambling Casino Games: There is No Place for Superstition in Gambling

Are you aware that many players base their gaming decisions on superstition? Are you aware that superstition in gambling is ridiculous? While we do not know why so many gamblers are superstitious, we do know that in order to play and win, you just need to rely on simple ‘luck’ and ‘gut’.

4. Focus on the game

When you sit down at a table (i.e. Blackjack, Roulette etc.), you need to have full concentration on the game. Forget about your work problems and anything else that is occupying your mind. Your eyes and mind should be focused on one thing only – the game.

5. Gambling Casino Games: Freeze Your Emotions

Many players consider gambling as a sport, meaning you leave your emotions at the door of the casino. If you are losing, you should not let that affect your state of mind or your game. You need to be able to shake it off and start all over again.

6. Learn Card Counting

No, you do not need to be a math genius to count cards. As a matter of fact, it is a lot easier than your casino wants you to think. If you want to try your hand at it, then start with Blackjack. We recommend Blackjack because it offers the best odds – and if you learn how to count cards, then you will win for sure. This is a golden gambling secret.

7. Gambling Casino Games: During the hard times, the hero is revealed

Ask whomever you want about how they survived their hard times and they will credit it to mental strength. Let`s face it, there is a great chance that you’ll face a bad day, or perhaps a bad year. If you believe that you will not be able to power through the hard times, then we suggest that you’re not suited for gambling.

8. Risk-Free Bankroll

We should not forget that gambling is entertainment and for that reason, you should invest money that you do not mind risking. If you enjoy playing different games at the casinos then you should start building your bankroll. Many professional gamblers start by saving 10% of their paycheck and over the time they build up a good amount of money.

9. Gambling Casino Games: Gamble with a Clear Mind

As tempting as it is to have a drink or two while you’re gambling, we strongly advise against it. You need to be at your best and keep your mind sharp at all times to make quick and logical decisions. Drinking while gambling is a recipe for disaster – a mighty big “no-no”.

10. Keep Records of your Earnings and Losses

Gambling is considered a sport that can bring you some extra cash. And by following all the rules above, you will be raking in the winnings pretty soon. However, the most important tip we need to share with you is keeping a record of all the money you deposit and withdraw. This is to keep you grounded when spending your money, but especially for US Citizens since their winning data is essential when the time comes to file for tax.