Funnymillions Launch new digital mobile games

Funnymillions Launch new digital mobile games

Funnymillions presents new digital HTML games


Golden Ten® is a Thrilling Digital Niche Game!

History meets the future in the table game “Golden Ten®” for years the game was very popular in land-based casino’s. Now it’s back in an online version, ready to hit the markets.

Golden Ten® is a game that is less intimidating and easier than Roulette.

Golden Ten® is a challenging Game that can tests the Player skill in another way then Roulette.

Golden Ten® provides new customers and Millennials Excitement and fun in the World of Gaming.

Golden Ten® has already shown it attracts women and men who are usually too afraid to play table -pit games.


Compact explanation basic rules of Golden Ten®


Golden Ten® is played with up to ten players, each with their own color sheet, called chips. The computer system automatically launches a new game every 5/8 seconds after the final payout and then launches the ball into the cylinder and the ball eventually falls into the number separator. It is up to you to predict what number or color the ball is going to drop.

At Golden Ten® you can win your bet for as much as twenty-four times.


A Golden Ten® Tableau has 26 numbers: 0 to X. It is about predicting the winning number. That’s quite simple! On the table you can bet on the number that you think is going to fall. You can also bet on more numbers.


Golden Ten® you play with chips in their own color. Change you can start before each spin. (On the Live Golden Ten Version coming soon)

• 1 number   =  24x bet
• 2 numbers =  12x bet
• 3 numbers =    8x bet
• 4 numbers =    6x bet
• 6 numbers =    4x bet
• 12 number =   1x bet
• Color Bet   =    1x bet


Do you want to bet, place than simple Your chips with your own color chips on the tableau. You may bet until you hear No More Bets Please either: ‘Do not bet anymore’.

From that moment on, your bet is final.


After each Spin/Turn, the system pays the winning numbers. If you want to stop playing, you can instantly switch your colored chips into value chips by generating the button in your Payout screen.


There is a minimum and maximum bet. This is indicated per table. The amounts vary, so there is something for everyone. The tables for Golden Ten® are very big. There can easily be 10 players at the table, of course this applies to the Live Golden Ten® Version.

The countdown for Golden Ten® has started, Are you in?

  1. What makes Golden Ten® so Unique and more exiting then regular roulette. is the fact that it was a new and innovative game in the end of 80’s beginning 90’s Golden Ten® gave the players the feeling that they could determine the outcome of the game, by studying (calculating) the ellipse who hit the ball at her descent made. This skillfulness of the game was a great success for Golden Ten® and / or whether it was a classified skill game did not matter, it meant the player thought he could “see” on which number the ball would land.
  2. At Golden Ten® you can still bet while the ball is in the game, and slowly rolls unto to a number, so you can still bet until the second line “No more Bets” announces! From there on no ore bets are allowed. The difference between regular Roulette and Golden Ten®, the ball’s game progression is shortened and limited to up to 6 revolutions and or rotations.

Note: Golden Ten® was a big hitter in the Ninety’s, now brining it “back to the future” on the digital platforms such as internet, mobile devices and even a live online casino version will attract lots gambling enthusiast’s, especially does who enjoy playing table games.

Golden Ten® is an all-in game that offers excitement, fun and the ability to keep people playing for a long time.

Good Luck and we from Bonus.Bet, Wish you a lot of Fun!